SQL Intermediate

  • Course level: Intermediate

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SQL is a standard tool for handling structured data in a relational database also essential for carrying out data wrangling to prepare your data. SQL Intermediate course is designed to teach you several key functions necessary to wrangle, filter, and categorize information in a relational database, expand your SQL toolkit, and answer complex questions. You will learn the usage of subqueries, window functions Use Table Expression, GROUP BY column-expression, Pivot and Unpivot. This course will give skills and practical steps to work with data after having basic SQL knowledge.

The emphasis in this course is on hands-on, practical learning. By the end of the course you will work with real databases, real data science tools, and real-world datasets. Through assignments and quizzes, you will practice and write SQL queries.

What Will I Learn?

  • Work with data using Subquery along commons expressions and SQL statements
  • Know how to aggregate data for your summary of information
  • Apply window functions to perform calculations
  • Use other analytical functions like PIVOT in SQL for your data analysis

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Introduction to Subquery?

n this topic, you will learn how to use SQL subquery in general, subquery with IN and NOT IN, Subquery with Alias Table, Subquery with UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT statement, Subquery with comparison operators, Subquery with comparison operators, Subquery with EXISTSand NOT EXISTS and Subqueries used in place of an expression. You will understand the subquery to your dataset and where should you include them into your queries.
What is Subquery?
Subquery with SELECT Statement
Subquery with WHERE Statement
Subquery with FROM Statement
Subquery with UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT statement

Window Function?

In this topic, you will learn about window functions that are specific to arguments and how to pass aggregate, rank window and value window functions along with a dataset.

Use Table Expression?

In this topic, You will learn about CTE, Temporary tables, Variable and variable tables. Then, You will understand the different usage of them.

GROUP BY column-expression?

In Introduction to SQL course, You have learnt about writing query using GROUP BY already. But in this topic, You will learn how to use GROUP BY GROUPING SETS, GROUP BY ROLLUP, GROUP BY CUBE and what is the difference between them along with examples.


In this topic, you will learn how to use PIVOT and UNPIVOT tables in SQL. You will understand when and where should u include you PIVOT and UNPIVOT.

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Material Includes

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Content docs


  • It is highly recommended to have SQL Sever installation, AdventureWork2016 as a sample database and SSMS (SQL Sever Management Studio) as an Integrated development environment installed in your machine for this class.

Target Audience

  • This course is suitable for those take up data analysis or data science or data engineer as a professional or to sharpen their skills using SQL and expand their knowledge on the fundamentals of analyzing data.