Storytelling with Data

  • Course level: Beginner


This course is designed to help you turn your data into a compelling storyline for better understanding and engagement in your data presentation. This includes storytelling elements as well as how to choose the right data visualization to represent your data.

Presenting your data alone isn’t enough for your audience to be attentive and participated. That’s when storytelling comes in. Storytelling is a great way to share information and create engagement between the presenter and his/her audience as everyone loves stories and the transitions within each story. Here you will learn about elements of storytelling with data which includes context, different types of visualization, and when to use them.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use the right type of data visualization for different types of the data set
  • Transform a boring data presentation into a compelling and interesting storyline
  • Understand what is 3-minutes storytelling and how to use it
  • Tips and tricks to design your slide presentation
  • Understand different types of graphs and charts and when to use them

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

Data Visualization Basics?

In this topic, we will highlight what is data visualization and why is it important in the business world. You will also learn a brief introduction to data interpretation and how it is linked with data visualization to benefit a business.
What is data visualization?
The importance and benefits of data visualization for interpretation
Effective data visualization for interpretation

The art of storytelling?

In this topic, we will discuss how to turn your data into compelling storytelling to make it easier for your audience to understand and get involved in your journey of how you utilize the dataset you have. It will include step-by-step storytelling with data by introducing you to the key elements of storytelling that you can use to explain your data in a fun and simple way. Then we will also discuss a bit how to catch and maintain your audience’s attention when presenting your data as well.

What to keep in mind when telling a story?

In this topic, we will talk about some of the tips and tricks you can use when preparing and presenting your data to your audience which includes understanding what the structure of storytelling is and how to nail those steps of telling a story. We will also touch on some of the main parts which is to put things into the perspective of a designer. This will help you to look further into storytelling and how it is used in the business world.

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Material Includes

  • Certification
  • Document
  • Practices
  • Assessment at the end of the course


  • No requirement. Everyone is welcome to join the course.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is passionate about data visualization and wants to take their data presentation to the next level with a better storyline and engagement with the audience.